Sedro-Woolley District Transportation Department
317 Yellow Lane
Sedro-Woolley, WA 98284
Phone: 360-855-3504
Chet Griffith~ Director
Billie Stormont ~ Secretary
Portia Jauron ~ Secretary
Tracy Gugel ~ Transportation Lead

Sedro-Woolley School District
Emergency Communications Bulletin
Emergency Message Line 360-855-3573 (Spanish 855-3538)
(recorded information regarding school schedule changes)

We are in that time of year when the chances of poor road conditions due to flooding, high water, snow, ice and thawing increase every day. If these conditions are present, the Sedro-Woolley School District will have several levels of operation from which to choose. The following levels of operation are part of the Emergency Communications System, which our district will utilize if deemed necessary to ensure safety for the students we transport.

The district will select one of the appropriate message(s) listed below and announce these on public radio and television stations listed at the end of this notice.  No announcement means normal operations. Announcements are for one (1) day only and are generally made by 5:30 a.m.

Message Announcement Explanations

• Schools Closed: All schools will be closed for one day only. All field trips, after school activities, etc., will be canceled for the day.

• Schools Open, Limited Bus Transportation: This means that buses will not operate in the following areas when the limited schedule is announced. All students will be picked up (AM) and dropped off (PM) at the same location regardless of changes in weather.



Amick Rd

Helmick (past Reservation)

North Pinelli Rd

Bacus Hill

Hoogdal Branch Rd

Old Day Creek Rd
(past “C” Street)

Baker Heights Rd

Janicki Rd

Pipeline Rd

Buchanan Hill

Knapp Rd

Portabello Rd

Delvan Hill

Lake Cavanaugh
(past Mile Marker #4)

Prevedal Rd

Finn Settlement

Little Mountain

Skagit Highlands

Garden of Eden Hill

Morford Rd

Valeria Rd

Grip Road
(between Prairie & Hoogdal Branch Rd)

Mountain View

Valley View Rd

Gunderson Rd

Natureview Rd

Walker Valley Rd

Hathaway Hill

Nookachamp Hill Rd

If your child rides a school bus, please check with the bus driver for your pick-up location if your road is on the limited transportation list. You can also call the Transportation Department at 360-855-3504.

Schools Operating Two-Hours Late: All bus schedules will be two hours later than normal.

    • No zero hour classes at Sedro-Woolley High School
    • No late start Professional Development Wednesdays, if delay is on a Wednesday
    • No a.m. Northwest Career & Technical Academy (Skills Center) transportation
    • No a.m. preschool (Good Beginnings, Co-Operatives, Cub Club) or  Head Start
    • No before school programs, at all
    • Breakfast will not be served
    • Pick-up and drop-off locations will be the same for both AM/PM that day
    • Pick-up and drop-off locations for alternate routes will be communicated to each student
    • ELL Program will be decided by 1 p.m.
    • Lake Cavanaugh – parent call. (Pick-up/drop-off at Mile Marker #4)

No Out of District Transportation: This involves all special programs including Regular Special Education, Hearing-Impaired, homeless students, and Northwest Career & Technical Academy (Skills Center).

No Half-Day Kindergarten or Preschool: Classes for students enrolled in these programs will be canceled.

No Field Trips: All educational trips within the district and sites outside of the district will be canceled.

No Athletic Trips: All organized sports events that will require traveling to other school districts will be canceled. (Changes for athletic trips and events may be posted after 1 p.m. each day).

Meetings Canceled: All meetings and events will be canceled.

Unannounced Changes: Since conditions change rapidly, please be prepared for unanticipated changes your child’s bus driver may make while in route. These can include: route changes, time changes, bus stop changes, etc. The drivers are highly skilled and trained to handle their busses under all conditions, and their professional judgment under adverse driving conditions will often determine unannounced late changes. Bus routes and stops for transportation home will be the same as in the morning.

Listen to the radio between 6:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. if you feel the weather may create hazardous traveling conditions. Radio and television stations will be announcing schedule changes by district name (Sedro-Woolley) and district number (101). Please do not call the radio stations. You may call the District’s Emergency Message Line 855-3573, for the latest schedule changes, or access the information through the Internet at  or the District’s website  

If there is no announcement of the Sedro-Woolley School District No. 101 on the radio or
television stations listed below then there will be normal school operations for the day.
FM Stations                           AM Stations
KLSY 92.5
KMTT 103.7
KPLZ 101.5
KSER 90.7
KVTI 90.9
KAFE 104.1
KMPS 94.1
KNDD 107.7
KPLU 88.5
KBSG 97.3
KISM 92.9
KBSG 1210
KCIS 630
KAPS 660
KMPS 1300
KING 1090
KBRC 1430
KIRO 710
KOMO 1000

 TV Stations:  KOMO (4), KING (5), KIRO (7), FOX (13)

We appreciate your attention to this notice and ask that you keep it in a safe place for handy reference during adverse weather conditions.